Who are we?

Exhibition Design & Lighting (EDL) is registered in Thailand Since 2000

As a one-stop exhibition design and interior production firm, Exhibition
Design and Lighting (EDL) provides A-to-Z services for our international

With a team of highly experienced creative professionals, EDL's range of
Service includes exhibition design and construction, interior decoration,
electrical installation and graphic design.

With strong affiliation in china, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe and the Middle 
East, EDL is able to provide our client with a prompt and cost-effective
International standard of service.

Exhibition Design & Lighting (EDL) 在2000 年在泰国成立.

我们提供一站式的服务; 展览展台和室内设计与制作, Exhibition Design and Lighting (EDL) 提供国际客户全面性的服务.

我们拥有一支经验丰富和具有专业水平的团体队,我们的服务包括展台和室内设计与制作, 电力设配安装和平面设计.

我们拥有强大的合作伙伴遍布世界各地,例如中国,马来西亚,新加坡,越南,柬埔寨,缅甸,欧洲还有中东地区; 从而能让我们的客户在价格和联系方面直接受益;享有国际标准的服务.